EDOXIA Facial Sponge( konjac) Pink Clay


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EDOXIA Facial Sponge( konjac) Pink Clay

Made from the fibre from the Japanese Konjac Potato and Pink Clay, these sponges work to absorb excess oil, toxins and bacteria from the skin. Rich in minerals, they also help to revitalise the skin. The sponges are entirely biodegradable, making them totally natural and environmentally friendly. Use on their own or with your wet EDOXIA face mask bar, simply apply wet clay to your face and then in a circular motion massage your skin with the sponge, which in turn stimulates blood flow and promotes new cell growth.  The EDOXIA Facial Sponges are an amazing cleansing and gently exfoliating sponges.

The perfect sponge to go with an EDOXIA Face Mask Bar. Once your face mask has dried, wet the facial sponge and in a circular motion, gently remove your mask. 

Allow your sponge to dry after each use. We recommend sitting your sponge on a bathroom window sill, or in an airy location.